register online

Please complete the form below to register your interest in any of our classes or workshops. Do you have more than one dog? Please fill out a separate form for each dog. Submission of this form indicates interest and does not guarantee your place. In most cases an assessment session is required and we will send you more information on this.

Please note that all dogs apart from puppies will still require an individual assessment before attending a group class. This is to ensure that the class is suitable for your dog. This assessment only takes 30 minutes and costs £10. It usually takes place at our main training venue. Please see the map on this page.

Existing clients do not need to be assessed again.

If Morag has not met your dog before, Morag will contact you after you fill out this form to arrange an assessment.

terms of attending

You are responsible for the conduct of your own dog at all times. Please be aware and do not allow your dog to approach others without asking the handlers. If your dog may be uncomfortable around people or dogs please tell us in advance – we can usually accommodate special requirements. We adhere to the principles of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers and only use kind, fair and effective training methods.

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