Since it continues to be difficult to predict what will be happening in the next few months, we have decided to make it easier for everyone to book in sessions with us.

We’re not yet ready to offer face to face sessions away from our secure venue,  but you can book in to see us at the PawPark (see for our Covid-19 adaptations).

behaviour and training support


First (phone or video) consultation £60
When you book in for your first session, the system will ask you to complete a questionnaire about you and your dog(s). It's helpful if you can send us some short video examples of the challenges you want help with and the booking form gives you this as an option.
What happens in a virtual consult?
You talk through the key features of the problem or problems you've been having with your dog. This information plus the details from your questionnaire is usually sufficient for us to understand why things are going wrong. We'll explain this to you if that's helpful, but some people prefer to focus on the practical stuff.
Together we'll plan what needs to change, identify specific strategies to try, and make sure you understand what you're going to do next.  Sometimes you will even be able to practice while on the call with us!
We always send out a summary of: the problem, immediate actions to take and how to access further support. If you opt for a video consult, we'll send a link to download the recording from to share with family members and refresh your memory.


Virtual Practical Support Session + Action Plan   £60

Remote sessions usually use video conferencing technology so we can coach you “live”. You might need to send some short video clips in advance, but we’ll plan this together.  During the session you’ll need a notepad and pen, some dog treats, and your tablet/laptop etc with working camera.

Most sessions start with a quick catch-up, agreeing the big goal for today, and then looking at how to work with your dog successfully.  You will always practice everything that we will be asking you to do on a day to day basis, and of course you can ask any questions that come up.

These sessions are usually recorded, and you can download this to watch back later or share with other family members. Sessions last around 45mins.


Face to Face Practical Support Session + Action Plan   £80

In person sessions are designed so that we can safely assess your dog’s reactions and safely practice your strategies or training plans. These take place at an agreed location e.g. secure private field, or out on a local walk.

We can usually provide trained helper dogs, and there is often an assistant around to lend an extra pair of hands too. Sessions last around 45mins.

You will always practice everything that we will be asking you to do on a day to day basis, and of course you can ask any questions that come up. If it’s helpful we can also video the practical sections and send you these for additional reminders.


Social Skills for Dogs that Struggle        £45

Small group sessions with a maximum of two working spaces available to existing clients only. These are designed to help you set up practice scenarios that can be tricky in real-life, and can give you access to a variety of dogs. Suitable for dogs that are over enthusiastic greeters or shy retiring types! Sessions last around 45mins.

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure that you have read our cancellation policy before making a booking with us.

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