webinar series - love your behaviour business

Love Your Business: for trainers and behaviourists

Helping canine professionals to love the business part of their work just a little bit more!

Dog people generally get into this industry because we really love dogs, we might have lived with one who had some problems, and we get a real kick out of helping dogs & people to build better relationships.

But no matter what your training or background – academic course, apprenticeship, learning through experience – the chances are that you didn’t get much help with the running a business aspect. Did you really get into this because you wanted to be self employed, or to run your own company?

Why assume that amazing dog trainers and behaviourists will automatically be great entrepreneurs? It’s a totally different skill set!

This series of webinars is focused on the tricky aspects of running a business that makes money but also ethically sound, and really helps owners & their dogs!


I've been working in academia while also running my own successful businesses since 1999, and I know that it's not enough just to be good at the job! Marketing, pricing, client communication and building a strong reputation all take a different set of skills - I want to help you love your behaviour or training business just a little bit more...

Morag K Heirs, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, PhD, MSc, MA(hons)(SocSci), PGCAP


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