webinar series - deaf dogs

Detailed and focused webinars all about how to live with and train your deaf dog.
Using a mixture of video footage, images and plenty of expert knowledge to help you enjoy your deaf dog, or work with your client's deaf dog more effectively.

Morag Heirs PhD, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (ABTC)

My deaf dog experience started in 2005 with my first deaf Border Collie, and since then I’ve lived with, fostered and trained many dogs with deafness and/or visual impairments. We have competed in a range of sports (Rally, Scentwork and Canicross) and I provide behaviour & training support to the Deaf Dog Network (UK).

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Not to worry, you can buy the webinars as recorded resources and still get access to all the goodies!
Topics Available:
  • Getting Started with Deaf Dogs: what's special and what's not!
  • Attention and Focus for Deaf Dogs: are they seeing you?
  • Waving Loudly - recall for deaf dogs
  • Social Skills and Play - why do deaf dogs struggle
  • Adding a new family member - integration challenges
  • Repetitive behaviours (barking, licking, chasing)
  • Don't Pee There - toilet training for deaf dogs
  • Grumpy or Scared? Aggressive behaviour in deaf dogs
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