training for trainers

We offer a range of workshops to support new and returning dog trainers, as well as continuing education for experienced trainers. Our teaching combines practical experience, up to date research in teaching methods and innovative practical excercises to help you put the theory into practice.

We currently offer three different kinds of workshop - read more below and do contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like to host an event for your training group!

Please click on an event for more details.

  • dog training fundamentals

    Saturday 7th April 2018

    Teaching core skills and behaviours to dogs - getting the mechanics right!

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  • building successful class curriculums

    Sunday 13th May 2018

    - because you can’t actually teach all the things!  A practical workshop for dog trainers and their assistants to develop successful class structures and efficient private lesson plans.

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  • teaching classes with confidence

    Saturday 16th June 2018

    This two-day course offers those who assists with dog training classes the chance to advance their knowledge and supports anyone who is considering taking their APDT or similar assessment. 

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