teaching classes with confidence

A practical workshop for dog trainers and their assistants on effective teaching and coaching strategies.

The biggest stumbling block for most dog trainers and class assistants is usually our confidence, or lack of it. As a trainer taking classes or assisting in them, you probably have pretty good practical skills when it comes to teaching dogs – but you find working with humans to be a bigger challenge. Creating a successful learning atmosphere with a group of handlers and dogs can be really challenging!

This two-day course focuses on helping you understand how to create successful learning experiences for both humans and dogs in a class environment. We look at big models of learning and micro-skills like body language and inclusion techniques. As you’ll learn, feedback is incredibly important in learning, so you will be teaching a filmed session and getting immediate feedback, You’ll then revise your plan and teach again on the second day! We also look at effective preparation for dog trainer accreditation assessments such as the APDT UK process.

There are only 6 places available on each course to ensure plenty of personal attention, feedback and opportunity to put all your new skills into practice.

Is this course right for you?

You are an enthusiastic teacher of both humans and canines with a minimum of a year’s experience as a class assistant/teacher. You have an understanding of learning theory and basic obedience exercises, and may have taught individual handlers or small groups previously. You are interested in force-free methods and may be considering applying to the APDT or similar organisation for membership.










What our previous delegates have said about the course:

“Definitely book on the course it was worth every penny and nowhere near as complicated or scary as it might appear. You will be at ease within the first hour I guarantee it!   Your mode of teaching is refreshing, entertaining and easy to understand - just as you want us to be. Thank you it was a privilege to be a part of the two days and I would highly recommend it!​”

“I learnt quite a lot about my instructing techniques and have already tweaked some things. On the whole though it has help to increase my confidence (which is my main let down whilst instructing) It was (however cringy) very helpful to watch the video back and see exactly what I do and don’t do! With all good intentions of what I want the class to go like, it doesn’t always feel it goes to plan!!”

“I would absolutely recommend it. Having seen people of different levels in attendance, it was interesting to note that academia alone does not a good trainer make! My belief now is that everyone in whatever capacity they teach, should have to undertake some training in how to do so.  It was just really, really good and your skill, knowledge, background and encouragement have made me believe in myself a whole lot more than I did before.”

Your Tutor: Morag K Heirs, Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer (Well Connected Canine)

PhD, MSc, MA SocSci Hons, PGCAP, qualified human and canine remedial massage therapist

Full member APBC, APDT UK (#01101), PPG, ABTC

You can be confident that your tutor has both the practical and academic knowledge to challenge and educate you. This course is taught by a full member of the APDT (#01101), Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and the Pet Professional Guild. Morag has a background in psychology, university level teaching qualifications and has been a lecturer for over 10 years.

As the director of Well Connected Canine Ltd, Morag leads a team of trainers and behaviourists working in private practice and with rescue organisations across the North of England.

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Morag Heirs PhD MAPDT 01101


Handlers £165.00
Spectators £None