scentwork & sniffing school

Sniff, sniff, sniff…

If we asked you what your dog loved to do most, the chances are sniffing would be pretty high on the list.

But us puny humans just can’t appreciate the amazing smells our dogs pick up on, and we don’t understand why they get so distracted!


Learn to work as a team with your dog searching for a target scent, and getting to eat the food or play with the toy at the end of the game.

Rather than fighting against their natural instincts, turn that nose into a super weapon to build an amazing relationship, improve recall and reduce distractions – honestly, Scentwork really can do all that and more.

Whether your dog loves toys or would sell their soul for a piece of cheese, we have a version of Scentwork that will work for you.

Learn how to teach your dog to find a target scent, enjoy the work and look to you for support.



What’s the theory/practical balance?

We make sure each dog gets to search between 3 and 6 times in most workshops though it depends on the length of each search. The sessions start with some key information for you to learn, but after that it’s all about doing more with your dog.

What if my dog doesn’t like other people/dogs?

If your dog struggles around people or other dogs PLEASE talk to us to make sure we can get this right for both of you! We can usually make adaptions but we do also run specialist Scentwork for Reactive Dogs workshops that might be more suitable.

My dog only likes toys, not food, can she still learn the game?

Absolutely yes!  You’ll learn how to teach your dog to find a food or toy based scent.

My dog is allergic to cheese, can we still come?

Just make sure to remind your trainer, and bring some alternatives. We recommend dog pate (liver, or salmon) in a tube, but anything that’s soft and sticky is fine!

If I complete the Foundation workshop, how soon can I attend the Progressions session?

Almost all dogs can attend both workshops in one weekend. For very young puppies or elderly dogs we recommend you only participate in one workshop but you can spectate at the other one.


More questions?

Email us if you have questions about the workshop content, suitability for your dog and anything else relating to Scentwork.

Please click on an event for more details.

  • scentwork & sniffing school foundations

    Saturday 20th July 2019

    Come and learn how to work as a sniffing team with your dog – absolutely ANY breed or age of dog can start doing Scentwork right now. You’ll learn about how your dog smells the world, and how to help rather than hinder them in the game.

    Pre-requisites: we just ask that your dog can settle in a class situation or relax in your vehicle when not working, and you come prepared to learn.

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  • scentwork & sniffing school progressions

    Sunday 21st July 2019

    Does your dog find their target scent too easily? Are you struggling to challenge that amazing snozz?  Just can’t keep up with the speedy spaniel? Or is your dog easily distracted, wandering off and forgetting about the game?

    This workshop will introduce you to systematic search patterns plus you’ll get individual coaching to troubleshoot any problems you might be having!

    Pre-requisites: your dog must know how to search for at least one target scent with a specific search cue (e.g. cheese, catnip scented toy, or something else) and give an active indication (eats the food or plays with the toy)

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