parkour: an introduction

A practical introduction to these lively and exciting activities

The workshop will cover everything you need to get started; including teaching tricks in small stages, building enthusiasm, building confidence and the key skills needed for canine Parkour.

A whole day of learning and fun - each skill will be taught at basic and intermediate level so a great way to progress from what you learned in classes

Dog Parkour is the sport of exploration and teamwork; taking inspiration from dog agility, tricks and human Parkour. It's a brilliant way to spend time with your best friend; livening up your walks, enhancing your relationship and building confidence and fitness.

It can be as fast or slow paced as you and your dog desire and, despite often being referred to as Urban Agility, can be practiced almost anywhere!

Dogs and their humans should be comfortable with clicker or marker training, and have done some simple targeting work before (nose, paw or hand target).


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Date and Time

Sunday 25th March 2018 - 10:00 AM




Sian Baxter


Handlers £80.00
Spectators £30.00