dog training fundamentals

This workshop is aimed at people interested in assisting in dog training classes, rescue workers teaching basic manners to resident dogs, and owners who want to get a good grasp of basic techniques and methods.  

  • Are you unsure about how or when to use a clicker, or a marker word?
  • Confused about how to teach an older dog how to sit or lie down without using a food lure?
  • Baffled by the array of leads, harnesses, collars and techniques for teaching dogs to not pull on the lead?
  • Keen to teach your dog more complicated tricks (like skateboarding) but not sure where to start?

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What we're going to do:

We will practice effective teaching methods for people AND dogs, and go through how to approach the basic skills. This will include settling on a mat, simple positions (sit/down/stand), loose lead walking, recall, giving up items, self control and most importantly attention and focus!

The emphasis is very much on rewards-based training using clicker/marker, and how to set the dog and human up for success. You do not need to have prior experience in using a clicker, but you must be interested in rewards-based training.

Ultimately this workshop aims to help you build better relationships with your canine companions, and leaves you understanding how to break down complicated training goals into achievable chunks.

Bringing your own dog:

This is a very practical workshop and we'd love you to bring your dog or dogs along to work with you. Attending dogs need to be generally relaxed around humans and other dogs. We're happy to discuss this if you're not sure, and we will have a couple of dogs available to borrow!


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Morag Heirs PhD


Handlers £165.00
Spectators £None