clicker training

Get Clicking: Train your dog like a dolphin!

Sat 24th November  10am – 1pm

If you've heard of clicker training and want to give it a go, or you've just started out, this beginner workshop is for you.

We'll cover all the basics

• what is clicker training (and what's it got to do with dolphins!)
• Why it’s quicker with clicker
• The mechanical skills required to be a great clicker trainer
• Get started with the basics (shaping, targeting and more)

Your dog will need to be happy settling and working around other dogs for this workshop


Clicker Pro: Mastering the art and science of clicker training!

Sat 24th November  2pm – 5pm

Have you cracked the basics and now want to take your clicker skills to the next level?

We'll look at:
Shaping - how to build behaviour, where and when to reward for faster learning
Chaining (forward and back chaining) - for more complex tasks
Target training - adding duration and distance
and more....

• dog and handler have a good understanding of clicker training
• dog can target using their nose or paw
• 3 other solidly trained behaviours taught using clicker

Unfortunately there are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back later.

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