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We host regular workshops on a range of subjects including TTouch, Rally, Scentwork, Canine Bodywork, Puppy Life Skills and more.

  • training for trainers

    Training for dog trainers and behaviourists from introductory through to experienced levels.

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  • canicross

    Saturday 24th February 2018

    Canicross means running cross country (on trails) with your dog in harness. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

    You could just grab some shoes (and a harness & leash) and head out the door with your hound. But just like with regular running, starting without preparation or wearing badly fitting kit can quickly lead to injuries and spoil your fun. Worse still, it can turn your dog off the idea altogether.

    We’re not just asking our dogs to run with us or near us, we’re asking them to learn a whole new set of skills and behaviours. Doesn’t it make sense to train this stuff carefully just like you’re going to build up your fitness?

    Morag has been canicrossing with her own dogs for over ten years now, and along the way she has qualified as a professional dog trainer, community running coach, remedial human & canine massage therapist and more. In March 2017 Morag successfully completed the Hardmoors 55 mile ultra with Freya-UltraCollie.

    If they can do it, so can you!

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  • parkour: an introduction

    Sunday 25th March 2018

    Taught by Sian Baxter, experienced Parkour trainer who worked on the BBC2 "Me and My Dog" programme as a behind the scenes specialist!

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