workshops and events

All face to face GROUP sessions are currently on hold as of 23 March 2020 due to Covid19.

  • canicross

    Canicross means running cross country (on trails) with your dog in harness. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

    We’re not just asking our dogs to run with us or near us, we’re asking them to learn a whole new set of skills and behaviours. Doesn’t it make sense to train this stuff carefully just like you’re going to build up your fitness?

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  • scentwork & sniffing school

    Scentwork is a fun activity that builds a closer relationship as you work with your dog as a team.

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  • parkour

    Dog Parkour is the sport of exploration and teamwork; taking inspiration from dog agility, tricks and human Parkour.

    It's a brilliant way to spend time with your best friend; livening up your walks, enhancing your relationship and building confidence and fitness.

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  • gundogs, herding breeds & more

    Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered why they can't resist chasing traffic, or despaired as you see yet another pair of socks being snuck out into the garden?

    We've bred dogs over the centuries to be really good at specific jobs, but sheep herding and game retrieving don't always fit in so well with snuggling on the sofa!

    Learn more about your dog's natural instincts, and how to channel them for a happier more harmonious relationship.

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  • webinar series - deaf dogs

    Detailed webinars all about how to live with and train your deaf dog.
    Using a mixture of video footage, images and plenty of expert knowledge to help you enjoy your deaf dog, or work with your client's deaf dog more effectively.
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  • webinar series - love your behaviour business

    Helping canine professionals to love the business part of their work just a little bit more!

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