workshops and events


  • training for canine professionals

    Training for dog trainers and behaviourists from introductory through to experienced levels.

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  • canicross

    Canicross means running cross country (on trails) with your dog in harness. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

    We’re not just asking our dogs to run with us or near us, we’re asking them to learn a whole new set of skills and behaviours. Doesn’t it make sense to train this stuff carefully just like you’re going to build up your fitness?

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  • deaf dog webinars

    Fortnightly focused webinars all about how to live with and train your deaf dog.

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  • helpful hounds

    This is a foundation workshop focusing on the fundamental skills required to train your dog to assist you with tasks in the home!

    Taught by trainer Clare Ross (volunteer trainer with Dog Aid)

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  • canine activity foundations

    A one-day workshop for those who want to know more and try out some of the different activities we offer! 

    We'll cover Core Skills for; Parkour; Agility and Starting Scentwork among other sports.

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