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  • td rally foundations

    TD Rally combines the best from traditional obedience with the fun of agility to create a new dog sport that anyone can participate in.

  • td rally progressions

    Weekly classes to progress competitors in TD Rally using stations combinations plus careful skill building exercises in a large indoor arena.

  • agility foundations 1

    Agility Foundations is all about getting you and your dog off to the best start in agility whether you want to compete or just have fun!

  • agility foundations 2

    A 6 week course taking your agility skills to the next level!

  • agility achievers

    Progressing your agility training whether for fun or competition - moving onto full size equipment and sequences

  • heelwork to music & tricks

    Heelwork to Music is a popular dog sport which is best known in the UK via the work of Mary Ray and her amazing dogs. Great for dogs that love learning new tricks.

  • scentwork challenge class

    A weekly challenge class that uses Talking Dogs Scentwork to stretch your dog's nose and brain

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What I'm sure the boys would like to put is:
"WE LOVE YOU MORAG!" - Jake Dog and Mr Oliver

....but a more practical response would be: Before we met Morag we were at breaking point with our Border Collies, we had been to every training class we could find, we had done everything the dog books tell you to and we were still losing the battle for our dogs' minds.

Morag has given us practical techniques, productive classes, insightful one-to-ones, useful resources, moral support and hope!

Having come through the confidence course 1 & 2 and enjoyed the Beyond the Basics, heel work to music and Rally-O we are carrying on to learn more and can't wait for the next set of classes to start. We would (and often do) recommend the Well Connected Canine courses to anyone with any kind of dog.

Jo Smith from York

Who says you can't teach a old dog new tricks? Our Jack Russell is 5 and had had no training, after just a few weeks she had a whole repertoire of new tricks. Edwina goes with my partner to work everyday so I don't get to spend much time with her. Morag's classes are our fun hour of the week where she enjoys learning new things with mum and seeing other dogs. Thanks Morag we'll see you at the next classes.

Sarah, Oscar Pet Foods from York
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