key principles

Well Connected Canine was established in August 2009 by Morag Heirs to meet the demand for rewards-based training in the York area. We offer guardians/owners the skills to help them understand and communicate with their dogs more easily. Although dogs naturally form close bonds with humans, there are many ways in which we can enhance these relationships.

we focus on the communication between humans and dogs

When we have clear channels of communication, it becomes much easier to 'train' our dogs and teach them useful and fun behaviours. Without good communication and a sound relationship it is unlikely that 'training' will be very successful from human or canine perspectives. Our training is based on teaching the humans how to train their dogs more effectively.

we understand why your dog does....

When a dog displays what we see as inappropriate/naughty or unwanted behaviours, there is always a reason for it - from the dog's point of view! Taking into account why the dog chooses this behaviour, and what we might want in its place, the guardian is ready to implement a training programme.

we use kind, fair and effective methods

We are strongly committed to using non-confrontational methods, basing our approach to training and bodywork on sound underlying principles, and continuing to reflect on the client's progress. We do not condone the use of force, intimidation, leash jerking, prong or choke collars, rattle bottles, spray or shock collars, shouting or physical punishment.

We use methods based in up to date research, with rewards that the dogs are willing to work for e.g. toys, treats like sausage and cheese, praise, sniffing, running free and so on. We can always find something your dog wants! This does not mean we allow unwanted behaviour, but we teach alternatives rather than using physical punishment.

we support the canine community

As a socially responsible organisation, we support local and national rescue organisations by carrying out home visits, helping with transport runs and assessing dogs in need. We also act as the recognised behaviourist and trainer for the RSPCA York and District Branch where we provide staff training, work with resident animals and offer back-up for new adoptive families.

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